GGD low voltage switchgear copper bus estimation method

GGD low voltage switchgear copper bus estimation method
1. One circuit breaker in the incoming line cabinet: down and out single row 8 meters double row 16 meters
Up and down single row 15 meters double row 30 meters
2. If the capacitor cabinet is 800 yang, the cabinet width is generally calculated as 8 meters. If the cabinet width is increased, it is appropriately increased.
(The knife switch is estimated to be 2 meters from the top to the horizontal and 1.5 meters from the bottom to the horizontal)
3, multiple circuit breaker outlet cabinet
    The current of the knife switch is the copper bar specification* (the upper and lower mouth of the knife switch is 3.5 meters + horizontal row)
    = copper row specification * (3.5 m + cabinet width * 3)
    The copper bar size of each circuit breaker current is *1 m (each circuit breaker is estimated to be 1 m)
Note: A large circuit breaker outlet cabinet is 8 meters in the same way as a disconnected cable entry cabinet.
4, the contact cabinet
A circuit breaker contact cabinet and a circuit breaker inlet cabinet are up and down 15 meters
Two circuit breaker contact cabinets = one circuit breaker contact cabinet *2=15*2=30 meters

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